Natural Ingredients

The herbaceous extracts comes from the plants such as ginseng and rhodiola rosea. The exotic plants provide adaptogen to stimulate the body, down to the cellular level. The extracts from both ginseng and rhodiola rosea provides beneficial functions as a cognitive and physical boost.

Natural Energy

Adaptogens contain stimulating activity, anti-fatigue, reduce stress induced impairment and boost both mental and physical activity. The complex phenolic contains ATP, which is a form of energy for cells. The energy is contained in a chemical bond that can be released and used to drive other reactions that require energy, called endergenic reactions.

Flavors for your taste buds.

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ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is the primary carrier of energy in all living organisms. ATP boosts and increases the transference of energy throughout the brain and body. It is constantly forming and repairing unbalanced cells to prevent it from becoming free-radicals.

1. Stimulates both cognitive and physical activity
2. Reduces fatigue
3. Reduce stress

Importance of glass bottles

Hexx does not allow chemicals to be leached into its goods. Glass is safer over time and lasts longer. Goods stored in glass tastes better.

Gut is key

Our gut is much more than digestion, it has trillions of cells that assists the stomach with warding against infections. Hexx provides natural properties from the herb extract that nourish and support the microorganisms in our gut.

About Us

HEXX stands for Herbaceous Extract Times X. The vision of HEXX seeks to encourage and elevate others to live a progressive and healthier lifestyle. HEXX is designed to for us to explore naturas resplendent possibilities. HEXX is an organic and botanical infused beverage. The beverage contains natural properties that replenish energy and reduces stress levels.

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